So, This Is Kinja...

Hmm, the opening, bane of writers and wannabe pundits since the beginning of hyperbole.

My name is James, and I'm in my mid-thirties. Though add an extra ten to my ancientness due to the sheer mass of popular culture bouncing around my big, bald noggin. I'm bi-polar, misanthropic, prone to snark when cornered, and an uber-dork. I am a Media Comm Major in college, and combined with my hobbies I have all the social life of a three-week old piece of celery.


No, seriously.

Name it and I have likely played it, watched it, read it, collected it, or know enough about it to hold a decent conversation. All this added to the brain of a geek, the heart of a romantic, and the soul of a bitter ol' Vegas lounge comic.


One at a time, ladies. One at a time.

I often comment on Gawker, as people amuse me as much as they irritate me. I comment on Jezebel, as I was raised by a single mom to have an appreciation for women and anything they do. I comment on io9 and Kotaku, because.. well.. geek.


When I post here, which may be anywhere from random to never. Expect bitterness, warped humor, rambling tirades about things that matter to me, and.... the unknoooooooooooown.

Ahem. Nice to meet you, Kinja-philes.

You have been warned,


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